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Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective
Educators increase expertise in differentiating instruction and prioritize a sequence for increasing differentiation in mixed-ability classrooms.

Nurturing High-Achievers, Gifted Learners, and Creative Thinkers
Educators examine a three-way comparison of similarities and differences among high achievers, gifted learners, and creative thinkers and then select from research-based techniques that maximize the achievement potential of each.

Promoting Rigor and Engagement
Promote greater rigor to reach higher achievement. In this practical presentation, educators learn to clearly define rigor and integrate the elements of rigor into engaging instruction. Explore strategies and tools to use every day to raise the level of rigor in classrooms.

Ready-to-Use Strategies to Differentiate Instruction
This humorous and practical session emphasizes research-based strategies that work with multiple topics and incorporate targeted concepts and skills so less intensive teacher preparation results in long-term learning and higher student achievement.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Gifted Learners When Life-long Learning is the Goal
Through humor and practical applications, Dr. Kingore translates research and best practices from the past and present into a vision of the most promising practices for the future of gifted education. Explore a three-way comparison of the rights, responsibilities, and instructional needs of advanced and gifted learners.



Assessing Achievement, Tiering Instruction: Grades K-8
Research-based decisions for tiering instruction and assessing achievement minimize preparation intensity and maximize high-level learning opportunities. This session explores practical strategies that enable tiered instruction and assessment to work in tandem to promote advanced achievement. The modeled applications enable teachers to tier instruction to match student capabilities and seamlessly incorporate assessment techniques.

Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Students in Mixed-Ability Classrooms: Grades K-8
This session matches differentiation strategies to the learning needs of advanced students and models specific techniques to lift students' accomplishments through abstract thinking, complexity, and content depth. The techniques require less intensive teacher preparation and simplify management issues as they develop advanced students' independence and responsibility for continued learning.

Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective: Grades K-12
This practical session demonstrates a realistic approach to differentiation that promotes students' achievement with less intensive time and labor for teachers. Educators increase expertise in differentiation strategies as they learn to prioritize a sequence for implementing differentiation. Simple-to-use strategies, activities, and materials are modeled that challenge students, increase active participation, document state learning standards, and transfer to multiple content areas.

Effective Ways to Differentiate instruction without Overwhelming Educators: Grades K-8
Through humor and practical applications, Dr. Kingore translates achievement research into more than 40 effective strategies and learning experiences for participants to select that differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms. The emphasis is on constructing effective learning environments and implementing learning experiences that work with multiple topics and expand targeted concepts and skills to promote continuous learning for all students.

High-level Thinking for Long-Term Learning: Grades K-8
Students learn and retain information best when they are actively involved in high-level, complex thinking. Through research-based applications, participants select from learning experiences that promote concept-based instruction, increase content and process complexity, emphasize student responsibility for learning, and extend learning beyond basic standards and skills. The emphasis is on simple-to-implement strategies, visual tools, effective resources, and tiered instruction to minimize teacher preparation.

Identifying Gifted Potential Through Differentiated Instruction: Grades K-6
Developmentally appropriate identification of children and under-represented populations is a significant issue. This session engages participants in differentiated strategies, the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), and planned experiences to provide ongoing high-level learning opportunities for all students and identify gifted potential. Participants learn current research results, procedures, and applications from a three-year study using these procedures that significantly increased gifted representation of children of diversity and low SES in high-poverty districts. Participants engage in newly-developed planned experiences eliciting gifted behaviors, partake in an identification simulation, interpret data with a rubric, and experience communicating results with parents.

Implementing High-Order Thinking Strategies: Grades K-12
Engaging and effective high-order thinking strategies are research-based, elevate achievement, integrate with learning standards, and facilitate the differentiation of instruction. This fast-paced session is a response to teachers' requests for simple-to-implement strategies that promote long-term learning using graphic organizers, active engagement, and tiered thinking prompts to apply learning standards in multiple contents and grade levels.

Just What I Need! Learning Experiences with Multiple Applications: Grades K-8
Save instruction time, incorporate standards, and increase student achievement using learning experiences with multiple applications. This practical session invites participants to select from a repertoire of modeled strategies and activities that encourage student excellence while minimizing teachers' preparation time. Dr. Kingore demonstrates techniques for high-order thinking, advanced vocabulary development, and the integration of content with standards and skills at and beyond grade level.

Reaching All Learners: Making Differentiation Work, Grades K-8
The reality is that when students represent different levels of readiness, different levels of instruction are needed. In this practical session of research-based strategies, teachers engage in learning experiences and support systems that vary lessons for students with fewer skills, vary lessons to increase challenge, and more efficiently provide product options to reach diverse learners. Dr. Kingore models successful guidelines to effectively manage the learning environment and a teaching palette of multiple strategies and activities for differentiating instruction.

Recognizing and Nurturing Gifted Potential: Grades K-8
This session focuses on features of the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI) that guide identification of gifted potential by 1) clarifying learning patterns to observe over time, 2) providing ongoing high-level learning opportunities for all students to reveal potentials, and 3) initiating a standard that documents teachers' insights about their students. The system enables teachers to immediately initiate appropriate differentiation and effectively communicate with parents.

Rigor and Engagement for Growing Minds: Grades K-6: Grades K-8
In this practical session, participants experience a wide range of effective strategies that enable advanced children to flourish in mixed-ability classrooms. The shared procedures invite all children to learn while promoting advanced achievement, high-level thinking, complexity, and depth using wonderful children's literature, simple materials, learning stations, and graphic organizers that minimize the intensity of teacher preparation.

  • Recommended materials:
    Rigor and Engagement for Growing Minds: Strategies that Enable Advanced Children to Flourish in Mixed-ability Classrooms (In press)

Teaching Without Nonsense: Activities and Techniques for Effective Instruction: Grades K-8
It is nonsense to promote simple thinking when high-level thinking results in higher achievement; it is nonsense to apply basic learning experiences that are fun but lack productive applications of challenging concepts and skills; and it is nonsense to make instructional decisions devoid of research. Dr. Kingore models a potpourri of ready-to-use learning experiences and techniques to insure that each student experiences continuous learning. The modeled applications include 10 quick assessment techniques when you only have a minute.

Tiered Learning Stations: Increase Achievement, High-Level Thinking, and the Joy of Learning: Grades 1-8
Learning stations are work sites where significant learning objectives and flexible group interactions are accomplished with a minimum of classroom space. Tiered stations promote continuous learning for all students at appropriate yet varied levels of complexity and depth. Learn how to organize stations that increase students' achievement gains, integrate learning standards and high-level thinking, extend student responsibility, develop independent work habits, and use rubrics and reflection to assess the quality of product and process. This session includes plans for several tiered learning stations that teachers can prepare in minutes to accelerate students' minds and bodies into a high learning gear.

Ways to Save Time, Promote Rigor, and Increase Engagement: Grades K-8 or K-12
In a rigorous learning environment, students are expected to engage in high-level learning processes, supported so they can learn, and required to demonstrate relevant products and content. This practical presentation demonstrates differentiation that is manageable and effective in a rigorous learning environment. Through humor and practical applications, Dr. Kingore translates achievement research into realistic and effective strategies that participants select to differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms without leaving advanced students behind. Educators learn to integrate rigor into instruction, and then teach students how to apply these elements to their studies. You will exit with ready-to-use strategies and tools you can apply every day to raise the level of engagement and achievement in classrooms.

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