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"The more I hear Bertie Kingore, the more convinced I am that she has a special gift for making her work friendly for use by all educators. Teachers in the regular classroom as well as gifted education professionals love her presentation and approach. She inspires confidence in those who need support in their work to customize levels of instruction, she backs up her writing with authentic and current research, and she incorportaes reproducible materials in a clear and effective manner. She is a teacher-friendly teacher!"

Patsy Brown
Educator of gifted children for forty years
Ottawa, Illinois


"I am so excited! You have truly given me a new lease on life. To go back and face the staff with your materials will be exhilarating! We have needs that will now be met because of your [Dr. Bertie Kingore's] thoughtful insight and generous wisdom. You will be blessed by the countless number of children you have saved. Thank you for a terrific two days! I can't wait for the next day we'll spend with you. You'll always be welcome Back Home Again in Indiana."

Bec Smith
Indianapolis, Indiana

(Responding to Dr. Kingore's state-wide training on Recognizing Gifted Potential for the Indiana Department of Education)


"As a teacher, principal, and supervisor in a rural school division in Virginia, I can attest to the value of Bertie Kingore's teaching materials. After my initial session with Bertie, I began to say, "Bertie says..." After many sessions through the years, my ability to teach, to lead, and to supervise has been enhanced by Bertie's messages.

Thank you, Bertie, for retaining the essence of a classroom teacher and thank you for being a 'master teacher' to us all."

Sarah Cromer
Tazewell, Virginia


I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for such a fantastic two days at Saint Mark's School! My third grade students are going to benefit greatly from me being a part of the conference!

We made paper chains on Friday on a whim... since they took OH so much time to prepare... hahaha... I tried it! I never knew there were so many ways to write the number 18. I saw so many brains become active! I had a bounce in my step all day long!

Once again, thank you for being such an inspiration to us al!

I a b w i a d.
(I am brewing with ideas about differentiation.)
Julie Harmon
San Rafael, California

(The Initial Sentences activity is published in Just What I Need!)


"Dr. Kingore has presented to ISACS members at many workshops and we will certainly invite her back in the future. Her workshops provide teachers with practical, hands-on applications and concrete tools to use when they return to the classroom. Her presentation style is accessible, humorous, realistic, and encompasses a range of grade-levels. Her books and other resources are valuable tools for classroom teachers!"

Karen Zeitlin
Chicago, Illinois

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