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Bertie Kingore, Ph.D. -- Materials


Reading Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers
Texas Reading Initiative Task Force for the Education of Primary Gifted Children

110 pages

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Position Statement

The goal of the Texas Reading Initiative is for all children to read on or above grade level by the end of the third grade. Although this goal is critical, it is minimal relative to students who read well. The Texas Reading Initiative does not intend for advanced readers to stagnate or regress. Rather, the objective is that all students, including advanced readers, receive instruction and materials commensurate with their abilities. Advanced readers must progress at their appropriate rate, which is typically more than one grade level per year. The result of ignoring gifted readers is educationally and emotionally unjust to these children.

The Texas Reading Initiative Task Force for the Education of Primary Gifted Children has prepared this publication to assist the classroom teacher in identifying children who may be advanced learners and in preparing reading activities appropriate to their learning level. Following the Texas tradition of supporting reading instruction based on scientific research, this work is based on empirical evidence surrounding these children's specific learning needs.

Reading Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers, produced by the Texas Reading Initiative Task Force for the Education of Primary Gifted Children, expands teacher knowledge about the characteristics and needs of advanced and gifted readers. In addition, it explains how to differentiate reading instruction for these children and provides the classroom teacher with helpful strategies and ideas.

In essence, this publication defines yet another dimension of the Texas Student Success Initiative and expands its goal of providing all Texas children with the tools they need to have successful academic careers.

Melanie Pritchett
Assistant Commissioner
Office of Statewide Initiatives
Texas Education Agency

In addition to helping the teacher better understand advanced and gifted readers, this publication provides for each of the following strategies: an introduction, an overview of documented research, applications, and additional resources.
• Authintic Assessment: Documentation of Learning
• Curriculum Compacting
• Tiered Assignments
• Flexible Grouping
• High-Level Thinking and Inquiry
• Visual Tools for Individuals or Groups
• Vocabulary and Word Play

Texas Reading Initiative Task Force for the Education of Primary Gifted Children


Dr. Bertie Kingore, Chair
Consultant, Professional Associates Publishing, Austin

Dr. Amanda Batson
Texas Association for Gifted and Talented, Austin

Dr. Shirley V. Dickson
Director of Statewide Curriculum Initiatives, Texas Education Agency, Austin

Krys Goree
Program Director of Texas Beginning Educator Support System (TXBESS) and Gifted Education Consultant, Baylor University, Waco

Susan Spates
Coordinator of Gifted and Talented, Pasadena ISD, Pasadena

Ann Trull
Director, Elementary and Gifted Education, Paris ISD, Paris

Ann Wink
Director of Elementary Gifted Education, Division of Advanced Academic Services, Texas Education Agency, Austin

Dr. Keith Yost
Program Director Humanities, CREST, Tomball ISD, Tomball

Laura Young
Talented and Gifted Facilitator, Killeen ISD, Killeen


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